To our valued clients,

The team at Delaney Veterinary Services has ongoingly strived to make the health and wellness of our equine patients our top priority. With the recent and current unprecedented global events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our direct focus has widened to include the concern for the overall health and wellness of our clients and our veterinary team.

Our team is working diligently to take all precautions required to provide a safe environment for everyone at Delaney Veterinary Services. Upholding our standards of care for our patients is paramount. We understand the need for social distancing and self isolation, if required, to flatten the curve of the virus and we are dedicated to do our part in reducing the spread of this virus if and wherever possible.

In doing so, we would like to extend our reach in our community by offering our clients the new option of telephone preliminary examinations with our veterinarians at Delaney Veterinary Services.

This added service will allow our veterinarians an opportunity to triage the urgency of the call and determine whether preliminary treatment can be initiated for the patient without the added risk of travelling for either party.

This service will only be offered to non-emergency situations and a secondary examination may be required by the veterinarian after completion of the initial telephone assessment. This service has been designed to enhance everyone’s safety during this time and will be offered at a lower cost than our standard in-clinic examination.

Please contact the clinic with any questions you have regarding this new service or if you are interested in booking a telephone preliminary examination.

Stay well & healthy,
Delaney Veterinary Services