The Clinic

Delaney Veterinary Services Ltd. strives to provide the most complete care for horses of all shapes and sizes. Beginning in 2008, DVS has grown from offering ambulatory services to our equine community to becoming a state-of-the-art, full service surgical referral center. We are dedicated to the well-being of our patients by offering the highest quality and compassionate care while working personally with owners to ensure the best possible outcome. 24/7 Emergency Service is essential for our patient welfare and every owner’s peace of mind.


Facility Highlights:

  • Surgical Facility featuring two recovery stalls. We offer routine surgical procedures such as, arthroscopy, airway, cryptorchid  and emergency surgeries such as colic and trauma.
  • 8 Stall Intensive Care Hospital
  • 3 Exam Rooms with Stocks
  • 2 Isolation Stalls
  • 10 Stall Extended Care Lay Up Barn
  • 2 Video Monitored Foaling Stalls
  • Reproduction Wing, fully equipped with Stallion Collection Dummy, Semen Tank Storage and Lab.
  • Covered Round Pen for lameness evaluations
  • Multiple private turn out paddocks and pastures

(780) 922-3647

Prescription Refill Policy: Please call a minimum of 24 hours ahead for prescription refills or supplement orders. Thank you!