Breeding season is here! 
DVS Reproduction Department has put together some information to help your breeding season go as smoothly and as successfully as possible. 
Please see the attachments for details:
Our reproductive services are open. Currently Dr. Lana Delaney is performing our regular procedures including:
  • reproductive ultrasounds
  • breeding wellness exams
  • uterine culture, cytology, biopsy
  • fresh and frozen semen AI
  • semen collection, shipping, and freezing
 If you require embryo transfer, please contact our Reproduction team directly.   

Our reproductive team is focused on client and patient care, with highly trained personnel working to ensure the best for both mare and stallion owner. 


Reproductive Services Offered:

  • Stallion collection and semen assessment
  • Stallion collection training
  • Breeding / artificial insemination (fresh and frozen semen)
  • Foaling out (with 24 hour camera monitored stalls and foal alert systems)
  • Twin reduction
  • Embryo transfer
  • Reproductive assessment and uterine biopsies
  • Pregnant mare management

(780) 922-3647