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Alberta Livestock Permit, Coggins and Health Papers

Planning is your number one priority for the Alberta Livestock Permit, Coggins, and Health Papers. Know your departure dates, provide all required information necessary to complete the paperwork, and you’ll be smooth sailing!

Livestock Identification Services Permit:

All horse owners require Permit to Transport your horse OUT of Alberta, or if hauling to an auction FOR SALE. This permit is to ensure you are the owner of the horse. British Columbia and Saskatchewan have similar permits required as well.

Types of Permits: 

There are annual (effective for the calendar year) and lifetime permits (effective for as long as you own he horse, or the lifetime of the horse).

How do I get a Permit: 

This permit is available through LIS. Contact your nearest Brand Inspector to make arrangements, You’re required to have your bill of sale, and brand certification (to show you own the brand if your horse has one).


  •  $2.00 for an annual permit (calendar year) 
  •  $30.00 for a lifetime permit 

There is a minimum charge of $20 for the brand inspector to come to you. You do have the option to haul to a brand inspector as well, such as an auction mart. While transporting your horse in another province, crossing the border, or in the United States you can be stopped and asked to present your permit. Without his permit, you can be given a warning, money from public sales can be withheld by the brand inspector until ownership is proven, as well as lead to a fine of up to $5000.


Coggins is now done digitally, which means it is much faster to complete for the vet, and you have access to your horses Coggins document online. In Canada a negative Coggins test is current for 6 months from the date the blood was drawn. You have access to the actual Coggins online as well.

Coggins paperwork is completed faster when the required information is presented when you book your appointment, or already have it on file with the clinic:

  • Your name & address
  • Legal land location of the horse
  • Horses Name, sex, age, height, registration number of possible, markings

Leaving Canada:

If you are leaving Canada with your horse you require additional paperwork, health papers. These are from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and when you cross at the Canada/USA border you present them with your Coggins.

Types of Health Papers:

1. Less Than 30 Days are referred to as Temporary:

These health papers are used for short term, you must cross and re-enter back into Canada within the 30 days on the CFIA signature.

2. More Than 30 Days are referred to as Permanent:

Permanent health papers are used for long stays in the USA, essentially if you’re not going to be crossing within the required time frame of the temporary, you will require you to have a new set of health papers completed in the USA in order to return back through to Canada. This type of health papers also requires a vet appointment at the border for an inspection. The border vet will provide you with a form ensuring that your horse has come from Canada. When you are returning to Canada, you’ll have to book an appointment again for inspection. Be aware of the hours of operation for the vet at the border: Monday- Friday 8am -4:30 pm.


Both types of Health Papers do require you to have your destination address in the USA. If you are planning on resting, or stopping overnight please notify the clinic as well, as some states require a permit number as well, which are typically no charge (ie. Montana).

Time Frame:

Coggins itself requires 2 business days for results to be returned to the clinic. Health papers can take up to 2 weeks depending on the schedule at CFIA. Planning your departure and contacting the clinic for the necessary appointments is important to ensure we can have all paperwork completed and returned to you in a timely manner.

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