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John Harder Farrier Services- 780-678-6689

Northfork Farrier - Derek - 780-662-7662
Therapeutic and performance horse shoeing, professional and reliable. Hot and cold shoeing.

Tyler Kampjes - 780 975-0230   http://kampjesfarrier.wix.com/tyler
Farrier and Blacksmithing Services - Performance horses to backyard horses, offering hot or cold shoeing. 

Jeff Drisner - 780-278-4939
Specializing in western performance horses and backyard horses. Hot and cold shoeing.

Kristen Rheil - 780-977-3946
Specializing in performance horses and back yard horses.

Brian Rusnak - 780-405-7600
Cold and hot shoeing, specializing in western performance horses.

Greg Toronchuk - 780-886-9182
Works in the Spruce Grove area, 4 years experience, specializing in performance horses, cold and hot shoeing.

Trisha Willsher - 780-974-7693
Specializing in back yard horses, performance horses, donkeys, hot and cold shoeing.

Jason Wrubleski - 780-984-1347
Specializing in performance horses, hot shoeing, 11 years experience, certified Journeyman Farrier.

Ernie Wurz - 780-983-9838
​Specializing in performance horses and corrective shoeing, light horses to drafts, hot and cold shoeing

Robert Ingles - 780-243-0877
​Farrier services in South Cooking Lake, Sherwood Park

DBM Farrier Services - Darcy McKinney - 780-970-0352
Specializing in English and Western performance horses, gaited horses, and corrective shoeing. Light and heavy horses, hot and cold shoeing.

Ryan Besler Horseshoeing - Ryan Besler - 780-974-5246

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